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Italy is the only country in the world to produce almost everything. Somewhat for the mild climate that immediately reflects on the agrifood sector, but also with regard to manufacturing and innovation sectors, our country has long been distinguished by dominating the international scene.

I think of the textile and fashion industry that has made the world famous the style, elegance and quality of “made in Italy”. We have also gained excellence and reputation for the food and wine industry as well as innovation in the field of mechanical engineering and automation patents. Fragrances and flavors of the Bel Country in the world When thinking about the Italian Food Company, it is automatic to focus on the variety and quality of the products and raw materials of our territory, which have made Italian Food one of the undisputed excellences of our country in the world.

Export products of Italian excellence and Made in Italy

The typical products most exported are: wines and sparkling wines, fresh and dried fruit, vegetables, legumes and fruit, pasta, cheeses and dairy products, olive oil. Italian Style and made in Italy Another sector of great economic importance, and the flagship for our country, is represented by the textile-clothing sector: the third manufacturing sector, which still has nearly 450,000 employees and more than 50,000 companies active in the territory. Italy is the third largest exporter of textiles-clothing after China and Germany. Mechanical automation: Italian “triple A” on the international scene Automation is another of the sectors of excellence of Italian industry in the world, and it has to succeed, especially indirectly, in export.

Automation systems are, in fact, integrated in industry machinery whose sales, until early 2008, were equally divided between domestic and external markets, while today exports represent 80% of the total. The automation sectors in Italy are mechanical (machine tools and specialty), food and beverage, plastics and rubber, paper, handling and logistics, printing.

How to buy italian products and Made in Italy

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Export italian products and Made in Italy DOP, IGP, STG, PAT, DECO

  • Venetian Wines,
  • Wine & Wine Tourism Tuscan Wines,
  • Food and Tourism Wines and Vineyards of Piedmont Sicilian
  • Wines and Viticulture
  • Wines and Grape Lombards
  • Wines of Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Products of Italy Italian Cheese DOP
  • Italian Prepared Meats
  • Extra Virgin Oils and Fat
  • Vegetables and fruit products
  • Italian cereals
  • Italian artisan beers
Italian Food Products Italian food, every region offers a wide range of typical products such as cheeses, sausages, sweets and wines, all tasty and absolutely to taste. Italian food products Italy is a country rich in history and culture, also from a food and wine point of view, and this is why Italian food products are really many and it would almost be impossible to identify them and list them all in one place. Many of these products are protected by the DOC (Protected Designation of Origin), IGP (Protected Geographical Indication and DOCG (Controlled and Guaranteed Denomination)), these are trademarks that guarantee the origin of the product and protect both the manufacturer That the consumer.
Italian food We divide Italy into three ideal macroregions and list only a few of the many products that each region offers.

List of italian products you can buy

  • Piedmont Cheese: tomato, bra, bettelmatt, castelmagno Sausage: goat violin, suede violin, roe deer Sweets: juniper, hazelnuts Wines: Asti cake, barbera, barolo Lombardy Cheese: quince, gorgonzola, stracchino, taleggio
  • Sausage: Milan salami, bresaola, roe deer or horse hunter Wines: sparkling Franciacorta Veneto
  • Cheese: Asiago (mezzanine, old or dairy), montasio Sausage: suppressed and ham
  • Vegetable production: rice, red radish, white asparagus
  • Wines: merlot, cabernet Trentino Cheese: trentino dop, casolet, poina, enfumegada
  • Sausages: bacon salami
  • Fruit: strawberries, red raspberries, red and white currants, gooseberries, blueberries, renette apples and golden delicious apples South Tyrol Unique dishes: canederli Bread: Shuttelbrot Sausage: speck
  • Fruits: Marlene apples, golden delicious, fuji, pink lady, stark
  • Sweets: strudel Val d’Aosta Cheese: fontina, valley of aoste formadzo dop, reblec, seras
  • Sausage: Arnad lard, jambon de bosses, saouseusse Sweets: honey
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia Cheeses; Montasio, ricotta smoked
  • Sausages: San Daniele ham, Sauris speck, muset Sweets: honey
  • Emilia Romagna Cheese: Parmigiano Reggiano Sausages: raw ham of Parma, raw ham of Modena, culatello, zampone, cotechino
  • Liguria Cheese: San Sté cheese Fruits and vegetables: artichoke and asparagus of Alberga, Badalucco bean, Campiglia saffron, Prà basil, Garlic of Vessalico, Quarantine potato
  • Oils: extra virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera The center of Italy Marche
  • Cheese: Pecorino di Fossa Sausages: Porchetta, Montefeltro lard Vegetables: olives ascolane Umbria
  • Sausages: raw ham, wild boar ham, deer ham, Norcia ham Vegetables: black truffle and white red onion of Cannara, black celery of Trevi Tuscany
  • Cheese: Tuscan, fresh and seasoned pecorins
  • Sausages: Sienese salami, wild boar salami
  • Wines: classic chianti, Montalcino brunello, vin santo, Morellino di Scansano, vernaccia of Gimignano
  • Lazio Cheese: Roman caciotta, Roman pecorino Sausage: Amatrice mortadella, Roman mortadella
  • Molise Cheese: mannequin, sheep’s goat cheese
  • Sausage: suppressed, liver sausage, flaky Wines: biferno, pentro of Isernia Abruzzo Unique dishes: virtue Sausage: Campotosto mortadella, ventricin, suppressed Vegetables: truffle, saffron Other: sheep roast South Italy
  • Basilicata Cheese: Moliterno cane cheese, sheep’s cheese, casieddu, Pollino’s hive, treccione, podolico caciocavallo
  • Sausage: suppressed, brownish, pungent sausage
  • Other: Matra bread Campania Cheese: buffalo mozzarella
  • Vegetables: White Cilento fig, Sorrento lemon, San Marzano tomato
  • Oils: Extra virgin olive oil Calabria
  • Cheese: silage caciocavallo Sausage: ‘nduja, suppressed
  • Puglia Cheese: strong ricotta and fresh ricotta, burrata
  • Wines: Negramaro, Malvasia, Allied Oils: Extra virgin olive oil
  • Other products: fresh pasta, orecchiette Sicily Cheese: caciocavallo ragusano Fruits and vegetables: Bronte pistachio, citrus fruit Sweets: modican chocolate Sardinia
  • Cheese: sheep and goats Wines: myrtle liquor Other: carasau bread, guttiau bread

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